Build your own stackable Raspberry Pi Tower (part 1)


Hi there

Tobias Fiechter and I (Philippe Wanner) have worked together on an embedded project at the FabLab-Bern. There was a laser cutter and some professional power tools to turn any good idea into a working prototype.

The two towers enjoying some sun rays

Lucky us, after asking for a crash course how to handle these tools, we thought what could we build that would make our lab at home more professional, clean and proper. That’s how our Raspberry Pi Tower project was born.

You could ask yourself why would I need a Tower for some tiny raspberry Pis. Here are some self-explaining reasons:

  • You don’t have an extra room for a lab server.
  • You don’t want something noisy and your electric bill is already too high.
  • You have a tiny budget or you want to spend your money for a brand new car.
  • You love to build something on your own.

We are technology enthusiasts and love to learn by doing great things! Which also means we sometimes have to build some prototypes before it can go into production. This project is our first prototype, please be indulgent.

Build your own stackable Raspberry Pi Tower (part 1)