Build your own stackable Raspberry Pi Tower (part 2)

Draw the concept


I would say that the concept is the most important part of all! If you forget to think about the details, the cost will be higher, you will be wasting more time or your project will be useless. So, be aware! But keep in mind that “a simple concept is usually the better one”! Don’t do over-engineering!

Almost finished tower with stabilization

We have drawn 2-3 concepts before we were convinced we got the one which could be our best shot. To get some inspiration, we searched the Internet for some other Raspberry Pi Tower projects.  We were happily surprised that the official Raspberry Pi forum is full of amateur projects and ideas. Our concept was inspired great ideas and mistakes of other projects.


Let list some properties we want for this tower:

  • Scalable
  • Medium size (even if it is suggestive what medium means)
  • Modulable
  • Maximum 200$ with 4 RPis
  • Can be easily carried from place to place (it would be nice if we could take our prototype home…)
  • Can be prepared and assembled in less than one day

Draw the concept

In a logical way, we should draw the concept before going to the online-shop and buy thousands of things we won’t need. Here are the drafts we made.

First draft


Pro / Cons:
– Waste of space (only a few RPis can be placed on each level)
– Cable management: the RPis are not near to each other
– A fifth additional RPi would need a new level
+ Modularity: Each level can be swapped and they are similar


Second draft


Pro / Cons:
– Scalability: the height of each RPi stack is very limited
– Cable management
– Access to each module

– Stack stability
+ Modularity
+ Space management

Final concept


Pro / Cons:
+ Modularity
+ Extensibility
+ Scalable
+ Cable management
+ Easy access to each module
+ Space management
+ Each blade can contain a RPi, HD, SSD, Arduino, …
– Each RPi has to be mounted on a blade

Other concepts

Bitcoin mining Tower: How to make stackable tower Gridseed Rig with Raspberry Pi!

120 Raspberry Pi cluster: What would you do with 120-Raspberry Pi Cluster?

Build your own stackable Raspberry Pi Tower (part 2)

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