Build your own stackable Raspberry Pi Tower (part 4)


After we finalized our plans and all the stuff we bought online slowly made its way from China to Switzerland, we could start assembling the tower. We started by constructing the frame.

Photo 19-06-15 18 43 29


The Frame is made of 4 aluminum bars on each corner. They are held together by threaded rods, nuts and bolts.

Close up of the frame

The first step is to drill holes into the aluminum bars. In the end The Acryl Glass will sit on the threaded rod and will create a “level”. So we had to think and calculate the distances between the holes. We also took into account of how high a Raspberry Pi v1 and v2 is.

Photo 19-06-15 17 44 41


As you have seen on our plan, we chose to have 4 “levels”. They are made of 5mm acryl glass.

Photo 13-07-15 18 26 09
The frame is almost finished

The cutting plans with and without holes can be downloaded here:


Laser cutting

The “levels” where the Raspberry Pis sit should also have some kind of drawer mechanism, so that we can pull the Pi holder out easily. This is made with the curtain rails we bought from a local store. The holes in the cutting plans serve as screw holes.

Photo 24-08-15 20 27 39

Raspberry Pi holder

The Raspberry Pi holder is a piece of acryl glass where the Raspberry Pi is mounted. We made plans to cut holes for a Raspberry Pi, but you can adjust them to mount a 2.5″ hard drive for example.


The Pi holders with Raspberrys


Unfortunately the structure wasn’t stable enough. A solution we found, was to cut long traversal pieces and mount them on each side of the tower. This resulted in a massive improvement of stability.


Photo 24-08-15 20 18 17


As engineers we’re not really gifted in creating art and decoration. But we tried our best and decorated the tower. So we made plans to engrave acryl glass and mount it on the front of the tower.


Tobias FIechter’s masterpiece
Philippe Wanner’s masterpiece
Build your own stackable Raspberry Pi Tower (part 4)

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