How to install WildFly on Windows

Formerly known as JBoss AS or simply JBoss, WildFly is a fantastic full-featured multiplaform open-source and free application server authored by Red Hat.

This quick tutorial will list the steps to install this AS on a Windows machine.

PREREQUISITE: Install the lastest Java Development Kit (JDK)

To be able to run the AS, you will need a compatible JDK (JDK 7 Update 75 or later), if possible the lastest available on the Oracle website.

  1. Go to this link and download the lastest JDK (e.g. jdk-8u91-windows-x64.exe).
  2. Change the installation directory to c:\Java\jdk{your-version} (e.g. jdk1.8.0_91)screen1This should be like:screen2
  3. Create an environment variable JAVA_HOME for your system.
    1. On your keyboard, press windows+break
    2. Click on ‘Advanced System Configuration’
    3. Under ‘Environment variables’, add the variable JAVA_HOME with values ‘c:\Java\jdk{your-version}’screen3
    4. And add it to the Path variablescreen4
    5. You will need to close any command windows that were open before executing a command with this path, since there is no way to reload environment variables from an active command prompt.
    6. To check if the path variable is correctly configured, type ‘javac -version’ in the prompt. This will give you the version of the java compiler you installed.screen5

Installing WildFly 10

  1. Download the lastest stable version of the Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) server from the official website (Link). (E.g.
  2. Extract the zip archive to C:\EAI. Your system will create a brand new folder named ‘wildfly-10.0.0.Final’ under C:\EAI.
  3. Execute the script ‘C:\EAI\wildfly-10.0.0.Final\bin\standalone.bat‘ to set up the bootstrap environment, check the installation and start the server.screen6
  4. After that the server has been started, you should be able to access the web server at the address http://localhost:8080 and to access to the console at http://localhost:8080/console.screen7

Configure WildFly server

Add a user to access to the console

To be able to access the admin console, you will need to add a new user by executing the script ‘add-user.bat’ located under your WildFly installation folder (e.g. c:\EAI\wildfly-10.0.0.Final).

  1. Execute the script ‘add-user.bat’ in a console window.
  2. Add a Management User by just typing ‘enter’ since this is the default option.screen0
  3. Enter the details of the new user to add as described. (e.g. ‘admin’ and ‘1234’ for a local installation).
  4. Revisit the server console at localhost:9990/console and enter your credentials.
  5. Now, you should be able to see thisscreen1
How to install WildFly on Windows